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Established and managed by a team of qualified and well experienced professionals having 20 years experience in the Shipping Industry, Opal Shipping Services is an organized Professional Shipping and Logistics provider committed to undertake and execute a comprehensive package of shipping, transportation, custom clearance and freight forwarding in Dubai.

Today the company has fully grown into an organisation with multi-model capabilities and a fully comprehensive services provider all set to meet the needs of importers and exporters in Dubai.

Our Vision
 We create opportunities in global services. Constant monitoring of performance and conformance to service levels, provides the foundation for our on going improvements.
 We will fulfill our mission by truly understanding our customer needs and their business activities.

Our Motive
  We aim high to ensure the safe and efficient transport to your goods.
  Efficient transportation is the prerequisite to conduct your business successfully.
  Our Object is to move constantly keeping pace with technology and market requirement.
 This dynamic strategy has been well received by our customers and appreciate our vision focused on their needs.

Your Best choice
"A single Point of Contact for all your transportation needs."
Opal Shipping Services provides you with a single point of contact to handle all your transportation needs and requirements. OSS is a leading shipping services that provides you, part load and full truck load transportation which fits your budget.

Opportunities and Resources in Dubai & U.A.E
The United Arab Emirates spans more than 83,600 sq. km. (32,270 sq. miles) and is located in Western Asia on the Arabian Peninsula in the Arabian Gulf.

With its strategic location between Europe and the Far East, the UAE is the obvious choice of location for multinational companies wishing to tap the lucrative Middle East, sub-Continental and African markets,with their combined population of 1.4 billion people

Seaports in UAE : Marco Polo visited Dubai circa 1580 and described it as a bustling seaport town prominent in the pearl, silk and porcelain trades.

Dubai : Dubai dominates shipping industry in the UAE with 61.3 percent of import activity and 103 berths .Activity occurs in two ports: Rash id and Jebel Ali, the largest port in the country and the largest man-made port in the world. Jebel Ali primarily handles bulk cargo and industrial material used in the Jebel Ali Industrial Zone.

Abu Dhabi : The port of Mina Zayed, or Port Zayed, was established in 1972 and is the third-largest port in the UAE with 21 berths (12.5 percent of import activity), handling most of the UAE's crude oil exports. More berths are being constructed. www.adcci-uae.

Sharjah : Sharjah is the only emirate that has a port on both coastlines of the UAE,housing 15 berths (8.9 percent of import activity).

The Khor Fakkan Container Terminal (KCT), located closer to the eastern coast, is a dedicated container port. A modern dual carriageway connects KCT with the dynamic commercial and industrial markets on the UAE's Gulf coast.It is the only natural deepwater port in the region. More berths are being constructed.

 Dubai with a GDP growth of over 16.7 % per annum has became fastest growing economies in the world. In fact, during the past decade, Dubai's growth was the fastest.
 Estimated $ 3.5 billion are being spent on purchases in the maritime sector of Dubai. The import/re-export ratio makes the UAE the third most important re-export center in the world     after Hong Kong and Singapore.
  Dubai Ports are already the principal gateways of re-export and redistribution, along with channels in Kuwait, Jordan and Oman.
 World container port traffic is predicted to increase by 74 per cent to 92 per cent by 2010 and the container terminals in the Middle East and Indian Subcontinent will be areas of          under-capacity, considering the predicted growth figures.
  Dubai's ports rank 13th in the world with a record of handling 5.15 million TEUs in 2003, up by 23% from the previous year's 4.19 million TEUs. In other words, it handled 63.62     million metric tones of cargo in 2003.
 Dubai's foreign trade is growing @ 21% per annum.
 Dubai's Logistics Industry registering 15% growth per annum Middle East - a procurement Hub, especially Dubai
 UAE Ports are on a major expansion spree and it is worth $ 2.5 billion in order to handle to ever increasing the traffic.
  Dubai Maritime City- the world's largest maritime city with 2.5 million sq meter artificial peninsula invites large scale involvement of global players.
 Increasing demand & production of LNG (Liquefied Natural Gas) by this part of the world will automatically increase the traffic of in this area in to many folds.
 40% of worlds shipping tonnage belongs to Asian Ship owners and managers 12 of the worlds top container lines are Asian.

Jebel Ali Free Zone Authority (JAFZA) recently announced massive expansion with increased handling capacity to 21.8 million TEU by 2020. By 2005 alone , 5.8 million TEU capacity will be added.